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so depressing
A long long time ago, in a galaxy far away, he dreamed that one day he would rise up to be the best that ever was. To be the bestest ever, the goodest ever, the most awesome. But that was before he knew that life just didn't move that(more)
Shadow: Noun. A dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface.

Let me make it expressly clear, first and foremost, that I do not hallucinate. I've looked it up. The clinical idea of what hallucinations are, that is. I do(more)
Trembling leaves remain, plastered against twisted silhouettes that solemnly bask in a cold, even layer of moonlight.
I almost knew you.
A soft breeze rakes its way through my hair, rattling the too-thin fabric draped loosely over shoulders.
The silence of the night is comforting, centering.
in the corner of her mind
there's a shadow on the wall
stretched, but timid, cowering in fear.
almost invisible,
but too dark to really disappear
a stain in our perfect world. (more)
Thin beams of the morning sun disperses through sheer, oyster window curtains. He turns to slide his arm up under the covers and rests his hand on her hip.

"Not today, dear," she says scooting closer to the edge of the bed.

He presses his pelvis hard(more)
My black hole of a heart
Had fallen apart
As the winter wind
Chilled my bones
To my surprise
I didn't mind much (more)
Masanori wailed louder, kicking his legs in Gotou's arms, face gone red and sticky. He knew what it meant now, when Masayoshi took the big bag out, when they went to the airport. Keiko too, wore a sour expression but she was glaring at Masayoshi as if he had(more)
i feel beads of sweat sliding down my forehead,
gently, like bits of silk have just squeezed through my pores,
and the fan is on the other side of the room.
it doesn't quite seem worth the effort to turn it on,
but i do it anyway,
and the(more)
there was something in him i never wanted to see-- that part that drank too much, worked too much, hit his children in his intoxicated rages. there were parts of my father that were dark and cold, and i didn't ever want to touch them.
I watched them like they were nothing to me and in that particular moment they were. How dare they? I felt my anger spike and it poured over me. I had an endless supply of anger, it was a dark pit where I held it all.
They called m(more)
They were still on the limb and they were shiny. All of the trees in the disarrayed orchard were abundant with apples.

The robust luscious orbs were dangerous to eat. Birds didn't imbibe on the fruit. Neither did insects. Because they looked so untouched, that's how we knew(more)
blood red hanging, dripping dead.
crimson brothers asunder, words unsaid.
sigils aflamed,
houses defamed.
crimson tides surging,
blood red. (more)
being alive seems a chore; clouds grazing on sunlight that should be mine, my bones, my skin, the fleshy highways in between. the lower half of my brain is screaming for company, but in the winter all sound is swallowed by the weight of the cold. suffer in silence,(more)
Beatles' "Day",
Three's Company's "gay",
One going away.
Bumbling word-fumbler. (more)
I had an epiphany, yesterday.

The anxious beating of my heart upon awakening, gazing into the nothingness that is the dark of night, has caused me to reach out to you. Your companionship, after so many years of trying to push you away, is what I now desir(more)