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     There'd been a food fight in the cafeteria and the vice principal meant to round up the guilty parties.   Loose corn and green peas lay scattered on the floor. As he walked across the damp linoleum, scanning the landscape of skittish eyes, his heel fell across the stem(more)
I spent ten days speeding down the West Coast on a motorbike uninsured. What I learnt: on the road, it's what's on the outside that counts. In life, it's what's on the inside.

And hey, I didn't fall off the back, but I did fall back in love.

What if doing what is right is no longer right for you?  What if honoring a "til death do us part commitment" equates to the death of you?  What if continuting to live "as is" is really relegating yourself to the land of the living dead?

There's more inside of me, burning and being wasted away, than you'll see in the whole of your life. I am an inferno. I will eat the world in both its ugliest and most beautious forms. I will crush the lot of it into a singularity of abstract flesh(more)
In a blaze
Of woeful regret
She wept
Yearning (more)
Masayoshi was too far away for him to get to - he had other things to do, to worry about - but Masayoshi was too far away and it struck him like a physical thing, a shard of ice lodged in his chest. Focus on getting the civilians away,(more)
you're no revolving door
you swing fifty different ways
please stop for me soon
"What you want? What do you want from me?" the young homeless man screamed in the stolen microphone in a state of frenzied mania.

The entranced park musician struggled to stifle the damned swan's song and looked as if his mind was at war with his conscience. (more)
Masayoshi made the best noises when Gotou took him to pieces. It was hard to decide which noise was his favorite - the short little cut-off whines, the heavy breaths panted through an open mouth, the low groan when Gotou slid his hand up the outside of Masayoshi's thigh(more)
Then there's Dennis. Dennis is about forty, but looks sixty; He's always red-faced and bears an uncanny resemblance to Robinson Crusoe. You can hear him coming up the block from a mile away, lolling his head left to and fro in blissful alcoholic reverie, loose change jingling against the(more)
   We have parallel dreams. They run in adjacent lanes, just out of reach and destined never to meet.  

   I look up at you, all tidy edges and clean-cut corners even in the morning, your newspaper spread on the kitchen island and it all feels so distant.(more)
Masayoshi straddled Gotou's chest, eyes wide open in surprise, one hand in the grass beside his head. He clearly had not expected them to hit the ground, and never mind ending up in this position. Gotou wheezed, the wind knocked out of him - and when he looked up(more)
"I'm sorry I keep dragging you to these things," Masayoshi said as he leaned against the bar. Gotou was facing out, elbow resting on the polished surface, so he had seen Masayoshi's approach. He knocked back the last of his whiskey and sighed a bit in satisfaction at the(more)
It was only at the end when I realized I loved you.

We were breaking down the tent, pulling up stakes and cleaning syrup from the pavement. Crumpled napkins rolled through the bleachers like mustard-smeared tumbleweeds and bees buzzed around trash cans smelling of sickly sweet vomit and(more)
You like to phrase it poetically, tell yourself he ripped the wings off your back and forbid you to fly.  
He doesn't even realize the damage he's done to you, looking over his shoulder with wide innocent eyes, waiting for a praise. You don't even bother to fake a(more)