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What the fuck is debauchery? I had to look it up in the goddamn dictionary. When I see it, I think of food, of butchers slicing and dicing meat, and they look at you with an uncomfortable grin. Is this suppose to be sexual? Hmm, you're not gonna let(more)
You dont know me but I see you everyday. You come into the coffee shop every morning. Chai Tea Latte is your drink of choice and I remember when it was a White Chocolate Mocha.

You always seem to forget where you put your money and must dig(more)
Sometimes I look up into the vast universe above us and hope that one day I may travel to a stranger world than our own. Where the grass is spun gold and trees are made of ivory and rubies. Where the people are gentler and kinder. Where everything is(more)
To you, I would give it without a shudder. To a stranger, with a bit of wavering.

What does it matter, you'd ask - a photo - a print of the past - not even the negative. Still you're attached to it like it's your safety belt, lik(more)
"Are you comfortable?"

"I am. Yes, thank you. Thank you."

"No problem. Do your eyes still hurt?"
This sunset came early, because the days started getting shorter without my noticing. This is the season of darkness, when night stretches on passed waking and creeps in before the working day is over. Now is the time when there really are so few hours in the day, when(more)
Ingrown toe nails. Ingrown bacteria. Ingrown infections.

Don't leave them unattended. Cut it out. To say he once had a manifestation of ingrown problems, fostered into an illness. Nurtured into a disease which left him emotionally incapacitated. The figurative decapitation of his soul, the center of reason and(more)
"Dude, wake up."


"Wake up, man. Your rod caught something."
I have been on this ship my whole life. Never once have I stepped foot on dry land. The old timers that still remember say it doesn't sway or rock. The land doesn't get angry and try to drown you. This just seems foolish to me but I can(more)
"Give it," Gotou said, mock-patiently, the hint of an edge to his voice. Masayoshi was stretched as far away as he could get, knee braced on the center of Gotou's chest and arm out above his head, dangling over the edge of the bed. "Masayoshi, give it /back/-" (more)
The worst two weeks were over. She had battered and screamed and broken that picture of her god and wept as though there would be no end. Tears on tap, without provocation. For those fourteen days, the world as she knew it had ended and there seemed to be(more)
She stayed out too late. She's stayed out too late every night this month, but there is not cure for it. Things have to get done and there simply are not enough hours in the day.

On the drive back she doesn't think about all of the thing(more)
when she was younger, verbena had posed all of her questions alongside tea and cookies.      

it started out as the simple ones: "aiden, do you like cats or dogs?" "aiden, do you like sunny days or rainy ones?" that was before she started prying, looking at him with(more)
The signs illuminate the entire room. There are three. They all point in the right direction. And there it is, there it is. But you are so preoccupied by the window, by watching the sun set out the window, that you forget to exit the building.
Masayoshi pointed past Gotou in the doorway, to where Beyond Flamenco sat at the low table watching them. "You're supposed to be DEAD!" It was the first thing he could think of, and ... well, to be truthful, the /only/ thing, especially given the last he saw of Beyond(more)