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"The Rabbit Hole?" Hurt asks. He doesn't know anything about it.

"Yeah, The Rabbit Hole. It's like a cool place in Hauz Khas Village." Murray shouts. The club is too noisy for  conversation. The only reason why she's still there is because it was Hurt's idea.  

"Cool. Let's(more)
"To be able to build your own version of this dns server..." He reads of a website, mostly to himself. "You need the the following packages." He mouths them all silently, one by one.

He's taken into trying software stuff, to broaden his horizons, maybe take one of(more)
He looks at the mirror and he sees his handsome face. His high cheekbone, his steel blue eyes and his perfect teeth. Only blemish here is it's unshaved.

So he opens a bottle of shaving cream, lathers on his face after washing it. He brings out a sharp(more)
strangle these fucking kids. the veins in my hands and wrists and up towards the fleshy parts of my forearms begin throbbing; screaming to leave. the bones snap into place, flimsy and slippery things becoming cold iron, black rock. squeeze the fucking life out of them. the nerves hiding(more)
What makes for a good story that others will want to read?
Two experiences:
1.  I wrote some 11 years ago about an experience in Sweden and sent as a simple email to a friend of mind who happens to be a journalist/freelance write and who liked the story enough(more)
"Uh, doctor, wh-what are you doing...?" Even though it was sort of obvious--and the doctor hated obvious questions--Belle figured he should try and run some interference less one of their new recruits get in over his head.
...I merely glanced at the clock on the bedside stand. I switched ends, so now it was at the 'foot' of the bed.

Was that a 2 or an 8? The red fuzz focuses just enough.

Apparently it's a '5'.

I roll over, movement enough to(more)
The pain pulls me from sleep
I have to decide if I can walk today or not
I pull myself into my wheelchair not even the ability to get dressed
Today is going to be a long day
I take my pills and pray for the pain to cease
beep, beep, beep
the first thing to greet me when I awake
the kids are fighting
grumbling over waffles and cartoons
hurry, hurry, hurry
brush your teeth (more)
If this was a story, he would've heard a wolf howling by now.

Instead, what filled the eerie silence of the night was the meowing of cats, not all that haunting, he thought.

He creeped slowly, not wanting the spook that cats away, so that they may(more)
A bullet grazes whizzes past her ear as she rolls and takes cover behind a wall.

"I'll catch you Lady Justice, and then I'll flay you. I'll flay your meddling nose! So says The Man Flayer!" says the Man Flayer. Man Flayer has been Lady Justice's arch nemesis(more)
My mom couldn't hold a job, she didn't know how to dress (blue rayon pants with a red sweater), she more-than-once threw dinner plates if we complained about what was for supper (scorched tuna melts, burnt meat, fire alarm blazing as she walked to the table like nothing was(more)
screw it!
it's right at hand
i'm left alone
and comfortable

all these meals out (more)
Opposite sides.
Different beliefs.
A scream, a shout.
One side, face of red,
Spittle in the air.
One finger raised. (more)
In every puddle sits a thought,
Every river holds a gun;
His, now driftwood bound,
Marked with a check and drowned.

Unregistered from Euro pimps, (more)