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one more day
I want one more day here. This place with no boundaries is not my house, is yours, but feels like mine. Mine is too restricting: I much prefer this sense of yours mine ours that creaks up from the floorboards to the tempo of our footfalls as we wander(more)
thank god for one more
day then one more hour then one
more minute lights out
The cellar door always gave Deborah a strange feeling when she looked at it; probably because it led to a big, black hole in the ground. People weren't meant to go into big black holes, not until they were dead. At least, that's how she viewed it.
Masayoshi lay on his stomach on the bed, his face pressed into his arm drowsily. All of his muscles felt like they had gone to jelly in the best way - he probably couldn't stand up right now if he wanted too. Good thing he wasn't going anywhere for(more)
Elize's eyes snapped open, her bangs damp and clinging to her forehead. She wasn't sure if she cried out; she couldn't remember where she was at first, between the darkness and the unfamiliarity of the room and bed. She grasped blindly for Teepo and found him right next to(more)
behind the cellar
door the stairs are steep and dark
the cat won't go down
The flight was early in the morning.  Tim hadn't slept at all.  The memory of the devastation he had caused his children was too fresh, too raw.  For the first time he had doubts about what he was doing.  He had lied to the psychologists who had assessed him.  He told them (more)
They were each holding one end of the black bag, the middle drooping dangerously between them, as though the girl inside were laying, carefree, on a hammock, instead of dead. Hundreds of bags were to their left, all the dead laid side by side, blanketed in black. Hundreds of(more)
It was one of those cold, dark days in the middle of January, the kind that is never fully bright.  It had been a particularly tedious day at work.  The energy was low and the heating had been set a couple of degrees too high on the thermostat and I had(more)
Gotou really didn't think that he was out of shape - he was a police officer, for crying out loud - but keeping up with Masayoshi was a lot harder than he expected. Masayoshi stopped several meters ahead, when he realized that Gotou wasn't right behind him any longer,(more)
the motion sensors
detected nothing moving
on this hot planet
Masayoshi leaned against the bathroom sink, one hand holding the compress over his eye. It didn't hurt at all until he saw the blood and realized that maybe he'd gotten hit a little bit harder than he'd thought.

It had been a fairly minor scuffle - a robbe(more)
with no one to care
for he came in the end to
care for everyone
They could have purchased a futon - Gotou's apartment was small, yes, but it wasn't so small that he couldn't work around Masayoshi sleeping on the floor. But Masayoshi insisted, and there was something weirdly comfortable about squishing the both of them into the same bed. They had no(more)
This was it; the fruit of their labour.  Though it didn't look like much, it held the key to forty years of work.  The Magic Machine was proof that the people of Scree had discovered the secrets of the Subtle Arts three millennia before the Great Mistake, thus confirming that they(more)