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free song
The tribe gathered at the foot of the monolith.  The silence of the night was matched, and only softly interrupted by their nervous breathing.  The elders were preparing their totems and other vestiges of the last ceremony.
Channeling the gods of gibberish he barked and sputtered  pronouncements for the congregation encircling their divine conduit with hands fluttering overhead and soft praises issuing from their lips. Speaking in the tongues of man he had little to say, but with the power of the eternal puppeteering his larynx he(more)
She ran her hands over the strings lightly. A soft squeak escaped as she placed her fingers against them. This simple wooden structure held melodies left uncreated, anthems that would fill the room. Lark smiled as she placed the violin beneath her chin and played her songs wild and(more)
some consider the
gentle sounds of nature at
dawn to be free song
a virus doesn't learn
fast but rapid mutation
is about the same
People have to learn fast
How to put up a façade
To protect themselves
From other people.
I know I will be on the path you walk ever forward and never back;
I know you need water
(I learn fast as a rattlesnake).
In the dirt where I grow and yield to the love you have;
where sand and quartz shift light
and everywhere tiny fragment(more)
sometimes at night (maybe 2:00 - 3:45 in the dark hours) i get these severe hunger attacks that scare me into believing and imagining that there is some particular resource that my body demands in order to continue functioning, and that resource is currently close to the dreaded 0%(more)
Yosuke didn't know what he'd done wrong.  He knew it had to be him, because that was how it always went.  It had happened with his friends back in the city, and now it was happening here; the common thread was him, so it seemed like the logical conclusion.  To be honest,(more)
  He had had enough.  Mom was nowhere near getting off the phone with "Aunt" Suzy, and it was time for a snack.  The little boy tottered up to the big white doors that blocked him from the land of Oreo's and Pop Tarts.  He licked his lips as he thought of all(more)
    “I bet that old mouse, Marcus, got snuffed,” Gregory's friend, Russell, mumbled through a mouthful of acorn. The chipmunk's fat cheeks wobbled as a bit of nut flew from his mouth to land on Mr. Barnaby's arm. “What's he think'n anyway? Everybody knows you can't trust a cat.”
nature's sea pantry
also serves as a garbage
can and septic tank
Mary rested her hands on her head and looked at the ceiling of her pantry, heaving a loud sigh.
Cooking for cooks was a nightmare for Mary. Mary didn't even like to cook for herself, much less people who didn't like her.
God. They were coming here. People i(more)
n. gastronomic narnia, though now with only enough room for edward and lucy. ruled by the white rice witch.
dark winter ice spread
across the highway turning
simple trips final