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thrift store find
Too much noise and too much food. It would be thrown away. The kitchen staff subject to firing if they took even a crumb after all the drama was over.

Another party. Famous people. Rich people.
"Who needs all this drama, anyway," Arthur muttered.

He had Alfred in his lap, the American's head nestled into his chest where Arthur could wrap his arms around him and bury his nose into his hair.  One hand made lazy circles at his back.

Alfred's answer was muffle(more)
Please remove yourself
from the chambers of my heart,
this pains me so, leave.
Gare wakes up and checks his phone, email inbox, and kitchen. Messages await.

Inbox: seven social media (spam) messages, three from work, one from Mom...later. Later.
Let's dig our toes in the sand
And talk about nothing
We'll play rock paper scissors
And you'll say that I'm cheating

I'll laugh and I'll deny it (more)
Going to eat that?

*Panned into infinity.*
--a Photoshopped model's, she did tend to garner a lot of attention. It fascinated her.

"On my planet, my looks were of no consequence," she mentioned once to Ryoko and Nasei. "Or rather, because we are similar--" [not clones, she had explained in great detail long ago] "--we(more)
Lux's room was lily-white--the bed, the carpet, and the walls. Scarves and necklaces hung up according to color near the door, and on her desk was a row of six terrariums lined up from smallest to largest. Above her bed was a neon sign of her name, bolted to(more)
In my heart
Torn apart
Where all my
Memories lay
Is the key
To my love (more)
Don't speak to me of love and loss,
try quieting your visions ,
just play the guitar, you alchemist of hope,
just play a song to reconcile our paths;
if gravity is strong enough to stand,
he'll lift a finger, (more)
scraped knuckles
the sting of serrated flesh
moving over bony joints
that can never be still

knuckle too deep (more)
He put the gloves on, sliding fingers into the smooth satin. It felt akin to putting on armour. As his gaze flickered to the mirror, he decided that it was no different. The fabric was heavy and warm, constricting around his throat and his wrists. True, he had never(more)
the way the world becomes muted in a snow laden winter. clear your head. breath becoming visible to remind you that youre alive; youre thinking; youre active; youre not a disappointment; it wasnt your fault; theres hope still. somewhere, buried beneath all that snow.
Growing up with four brothers - I never got along well with other females. Not that I was a tom-boy completely. More so then not. But it wasn't just that. I knew other tom-boyish girls. We just didn't click. Because conversations - even with my lizard catching, b.b gun(more)

Also slightly painful. Cold numbness was partially inhibiting him feeling anything too severe.

The sun was out, but it was still raining rather heavily. She willed himself to at least look around, then decided to chance sitting up.

Her spine protested with a few crackles,(more)