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     Friendship is one of the greatest sources of healing.
It was three o'clock in the afternoon on a Sunday in September, sunlight streaming in through the window and illuminating a warm patch of Souji's floor.  That was where he and Yosuke were lying now, shirts hastily discarded in a passionate flurry; now Yosuke was hovering over Souji and had(more)
     Marcus pressed the tips of his fingers together, dark eyes evaluating Henry with cold calculation. He was smaller than Henry imagined. For some reason he thought "the doctor" would be some huge Haitian with gold teeth and arms covered in prison tattoos. Instead, the man before him barely(more)
The second she stepped into that back alley, it was like time had stopped around her.  Not in the way she imagined it did for people who didn't experience the Dark Hour (she wouldn't know, she'd been living it since she was ten), but a gradual slowing followed by a(more)
A man with a plan
Simply to see
The next sunrise
That could illuminate
The path before him.
It's all up to you now, the man told himself. You are the man with a plan. He looked around at the faces surrounding him, eagerly gazing at him and waiting for his proclamation of what they should do next. They were about to embark on a journey of(more)
Masayoshi had never really thought about sex before. He knew it existed, in an abstract form - there had been mentions in biology class and he was reasonable sure there had been something akin to sex ed. at some point in his academic career - but it had never(more)
     "Okay, where do we start?"
     "Well, you could hold my hand."
     His hand shook as he reached out for her hand that was waiting on the red tablecloth. Her skin was tan and seemed to glow in the light given of(more)
     100% honest, this prompt sounds like a Facebook post that someone posts for likes, and for every like, the person must post something honest about themselves or the people who like the post. I remember the days of my freshman year of high school when I first started(more)
The stark exterior gave way to a warm and friendly interior.  It was decorated to resemble a typical Swiss home.  He was greeted by an official looking man carrying papers.

"Would you like a tea or coffee?"  He asked.

"Coffee would be nice."

"We just have some leg(more)
Stories change
Over time
So that no version
Is 100% honest.
if you want to be
one hundred percent honest
best keep your mouth shut
Five lines over here
And now seven lines over here
Oops that was just eight
If I'm being 100% honest, I have no idea what to write for this prompt.
If I were to be 100% honest, I guess I was never in love with Fred.  I did love him in a way, but just wasn't in love with him.  How could I love someone who was called Fred?  Fred was not a real man's name, Fred was a dog name or(more)