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"Oh, man, you bet I was burned up.  If that son of a bitch thought he could just talk like that to me, he had another-fucking-thing coming! He's lucky I didn't just haul off and scatter his teeth like dominoes."
For a mere additional five dollars
We'll throw you a funeral
With all the best fixings
Cake, resentment, jealous relatives
A mariachi band, mother's perfume
"Oi, Shitty."
Sena looked up, eyebrows raising as Hiruma threw him a handful of coins. "Run to the store and get me some gum."
Sena stood up, nodding quickly and collecting the coins.
"Uhm, Hiruma...don't you think you're asking too much of Sena?" Kurita asked, once the small brunette(more)
"Hiruma? I made it."
Sena slowly pulls himself through the window, relaxing at the sight of the blonde demon sitting at the edge of the roof. "Couldn't we have met to talk about whatever this is in the club room? It's a-well, it's a lot safer, and-"
"Sit dow(more)
The boy climbed the ladder slowly, stopping between rungs to steady his nerves.  With one hand he gripped the ladder and clutched a folded up beach umbrella in the other.  He intended to jump from the roof using the umbrella to float to the ground.  He had heard of other people doing(more)
It hurts.
Hanamaki doesn't say a word as the boys push and shove at him, knocking him into the hand dryer and the wall until he's sure that tomorrow, parts of his spine will be bruised purple. He only grunts in pain when one of the boys kicks hi(more)
I want to stake a claim on you. I want everyone to know that you're mine. Not there's. You're mine. I want you to stake a claim on me. I want you to want everyone to know that I'm yours. Not their's. Yours. But I don't want you to(more)
"You okay, Will?"  said the assistant detective."You know, you really should drink more water..."

"That's your miracle cure for everything, isn't it?" The head detective shot back,   "Tired?  'Drink more water'.  Nervous? 'Drink more water'. Wife fucking around on you? 'Drin(more)
Rubber band snaps back like karma at the end of a hedonistic life or a fiery soul unjustly slighted. Like most ideas and proposals, there is a limit to how much far a rubber band can stretch. It would be prudent to learn the elasticity of your situation lest(more)
"Am I allowed to like my best friend?" Oikawa asked one day, having a laptop balanced on his left knee and a plate of toast on his right.
Of course, he was alone.
"Well, Tooru," he began in a high falsetto voice, letting his eyelids flutter closed. "What wou(more)
"So you already knew about our little plan, did you?" The man in grey said, scoffing and waving a pistol.  "I'll bet you and the agency never prepared for this!"  He squeezed the trigger and shot a bullet at the rib cage of special agent Hanson.
You already knew what you were going to do before you started it. If I asked anyone "What is she going to do about this?" they would all have the same answer. It is the same response you have every time. And yet when I asked you about it,(more)
I come in the door, 2am, leave my shoes on, don't take off my coat although I am sweating. I always hurry home from shift, but for what? To get a head start on a long empty night, to get the jump on doing nothing? I walk in the(more)
Some where in the field over there is a twenty dollar bill.

A bill that has been buried for forty years. Buried in the dusty dirt in the field on the corner of Rio Linda Boulevard and M street.

Directly across from Archway Frosty is a fie(more)
Here it is again!  

You are always the one that seems to bring it to me. Always you. Only you.

Unknowingly, I granted you power. (more)