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the trees wept
Lane removes his thick framed glasses rubbing his temples ten hours into his sixteen hour shift. His temple massage is interrupted by another phone ringing.

"911 where is your emergency?" He ask in a haggard tone.

"I need the fire department out here! The neighbors house (more)
"You wear that mask all the time. Doesn't it get hard?"

At first, you hear her but you don't realize that she's talking to you. There's dozens of other people in this tiny Starbucks, escaping the cold, and it takes you a moment to realize that the heavenly(more)
The way I see it, I had the chance to become two different people. My life diverged, not in a yellow wood, but in a fiery, explosion filled hospital room. And with that explosion, one of the paths I wished to take was closed off to me, the rubble(more)
There was supposed to be a point where Gotou drew the line. He was certain he set one, in his mind - maybe it had been drawn in sand, and the encroaching storm of /Masayoshi/ had all but obliterated it. That thought did not surprise him, really - Masayoshi(more)
"Compromise? Me? What ever are you talking about?"

"Yeah, yeah, you're a real bad-ass. You've never made a  compromise before?"

"Never needed to. Things always work out, or should I say I work things out all by myself."

"Not even with friends, or in relationships?"

"What will get you to stop leaving corkscrews on the floor."

It looks as though she is speaking to the cat, who is the only other hearing organism in the house.
She wouldn't stop throwing up.  I held her hair back as she emptied her stomach contents for what seemed like eternity.  How could such a small girl drink so much beer?  She stopped hugging the toilet and sat up, slowly and unsteadily.  I let go of her hair, grossed out by the scene.(more)
"She sounded like she was completely grossed out." Shahid shook his head.  

"Why wouldn't she be?" Imran said, "You can't send her unsolicited dick pics and expect her to be happy about it."

"Can't I?" Shahid said, "I wouldn't have minded if she sent me pictures o(more)
  As I was sitting in my apartment, trying to watch my DVR recorded shows, I heard this little "squeak". Faint and almost non-existent. The wind blew, fairly hard, shortly after, and I heard the little "squeak" once again. So annoying, yet unnatural. It happened a few more times, which(more)
It is far too early
is it not?
to feel the way I do

What if it's me
who is halting my life? (more)
Delilah felt Jane's presence before she saw her.

Before she found the room, Delilah wasn't one to believe in psychic vibrations. She wasn't a cynic, exactly -- she just never thought about such things. But on her walk home, she could feel the molecules in the air shift.(more)
    Apathy hangs around me in the scent of cinnamon vapor cigarettes. We're too old to be out this late on a work night, but Ginger is bored.
    God, I hate it when she's bored.
    She works out twenty hours a week but it's never enough. She feels "gro(more)
two calendars on the refrigerator, both letting me know its wednesday. one is some advertisement shit from a realtor in the area, the most superficial pictures of big houses sitting on broad lakes in an autumn thats so saturated with color its hard to look at in the morning.(more)
You're the woman I fell in love with but you're also the one killing the woman I fell in love with. My therapist would probably say it's not useful to make false dichotomies. You're an entire person, awake, asleep, in the day, in the night, whether I like all(more)
--is tomorrow. To make sure I spell it correctly on the first go, I almost always have to mutter 'wed-nes-day'.

If you're trying to tell me to go play the lotto, give me a little more to work with as far as the numbers.

Next Wed-nes-day will(more)