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a body like
From the dirt smeared reflection of the fading sun shining outside a living room window, you can trace the silhouettes of three sullen teenagers sitting at a bus rest. Blowing smoke from their cheap Seneca cigarettes into eachother's faces inadvertently, while attempting at conversation. Talk about all you can(more)
Say never a chance
You might as well just give up
Life is worth a chance
I never had a chance to even begin, she called me a freak and stomped away from H- OUR home.
"I'm going to call the cops!" said she.
Sadly, she never had a chance to dial the number.
"Tajima! Get over here!"
"Catch me, A-zu-sa!"
Hanai grits his teeth and jumps over the couch, nearly landing on his back as he slides. Somewhere in his house, Tajima is holding his journal (his NOT diary) and is probably reading it. The only thing Hanai can look forward to(more)
The golden toilet was a mess. He sighed and pulled on the gloves which pulled up to his elbows. Eros hated cleaning Venus's toilet.

The bucket of celestial cleaner could kill anything known to man, mythical beings or gods yet Eros was still pretty sure it wasn't an(more)
Lattice and tomato
Sakuma sits in the living room, eyes half-closed as she glances at the others sitting in the room.

She's only in middle school, but she doesn't think she could ever be happier. Shiori is dusting the shelves, humming a song she says she remembers from the radio. Suga(more)
[For Twelve Strings]  

When I feel the sleep paralysis coming on, I grip the sides of my bed. The room swirls around me, the space and white noise blurring and churning, and I open my mouth to cry out. I know I'll only be be able to muster(more)
routines kill. that much is certain. when you've been doing the same thing over and over it doesn't feel like you're in a circle, it feels like being on rails, receding into the distance. when you've been doing the same thing over and over day after day it doesn't(more)
Twelve Strings pluck gently as I float downstream
Eleven strings hold me back while I try to swin back
Ten strings trapped my soul when it tried to flee
Nine strings trapped my joy when it would perish
Eight strings kept my hope from dying of suffocation
Seven strings(more)
What is a unicorn but a horse lost in the forest, its puzzlement at freedom and a loss of boundaries looking like high-stepping majesty, the shadow of the trees falling across where no horn stands.
This was the second time he had been brought into the other. His daughter was holding the unicorn's bloodied head.

"Daddy, help!" his daughter asked.
When all is callous and hollow
The child closes his eyes
Sleeping in for tomorrow
A new dawn in disguise
The phantom's skin lay withered
Hiding all that is divine (more)
We were locked in this dance once again, in a ferocious battle of wills, her blue eyes staring deep into my souless stare as if she could see a human being beneath the putrid husk I was forced to grow.
My thoughts, a second ago so focused on her(more)
Some say animals have a strange talent of knowing how to get home from the wildest of places. For example a poodle in Mexico, a poodle who grew out its first white curls in Minnesota, could pad along with its head high and pretentiously pedigreed mane flouncing all the(more)