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Hardest gang in these streets.
Holds the most territory - lays a claim to every corner in town. Got the most weapons, got the best hostage setup.
Got the best funding and the sharpest uniforms.
Sometimes there are things in life that you second guess, when it is too late to change it. Like acid indigestion inducing food, or neon paint on the walls. Like promising someone you'd always be there, no matter what they did. Like slit wrists or a hangman's noose. (more)
i was sleeping on your couch in the early morning hours, face smashed into the embroidered pillows enough to leave an imprint on the side of my face, drooling, my fingers numb from sleeping on my arm. the light behind the curtains was faint and you were there. (more)
The weekend's over in one large haze
Clearing out the path in a flaming blaze.
Closing a home we all have known,
A kingdom where all have held the thrown.
Now in the past, in lingers in an eternal daze.
Why you're here,
you don't know.
You just want to be
around the warm fire
with the others.
You have no (more)
When I finally broke, it was because of broken toys. A sea of plastic arms and broken glass, the aftermath of 1 and a half bottles of laphroaig. He came downstairs, giggling, and abruptly stopped. I've never been awoken by an absence of noise, but when he stopped it(more)
Take your time.
I know the world's not going anywhere,
not really.
These outdated puppeteers have lost their muses,
they've fled,
one immaculate footstep at a time, (more)
as if the monsoon season's come a little early
but at the same time, as if it didn't just rain heavily for three hours straight (i'm still sweating, the rest of this country is still sweating, and one of the central provinces has just declared a state of calamity(more)
They never knew
The valor it took
To keep her head
Held high
And her smile alive
As her broken soul (more)
Faceless man
In a world
Of faceless people

Lost man
In a sea (more)
Red and black. Predator beware.

You put the boom-boom into my heaaaaart...
Have you noticed how ants kiss each other on their way to wherever they are busily scurrying?

Single-file, head-to-bum-to-head, one behind the other, drill sergeants' muses heading towards the nearest source of sustenance. And then one will come along in the opposite direction and kiss each one of(more)
A lively conversation in a closed, smoky bar. After hours.

Working men.

Doing the do in industry. (more)
One. Oki hooked his pinkie under Nishihiro's, smiling at the taller boy. "Pinkie promise," he agreed, squeezing tightly. "We'll be best friends forever!" Nishihiro nods determinedly, leaning closer to be better heard as he whispered "I promise!" back.  
One thumb, both ring fingers, an index finger, a little finger.

Bloody bits of flesh and bone, hardly snacks for an enterprising feline, much less we fouler beasts.