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They ate the stale doughnuts that used to be encompassed in a perfect soft glaze that made the doughnut better but was now just a hard disk of sugar. They washed this down with coffee, not sweet coffee, not rich coffee, just coffee with a 1:1 ratio of water(more)
She looked over her shoulder, no one was near.
It's time to do it.
teh tipo
It was sent, a malicious file entering the systems of many.
Digging into their misspelt futures, prying open their shells of idiocy.
Every single typo in the world was collected, arranged to form(more)
You say it was just a typo
A little slip of the tongue
Well news flash honey
Sometimes that's enough
To bring everything toppling down.
The reading was off.  The altimeter indicated we were cruising just above sea level, but it had to be bad data, since minutes before I had flown over the last of the mountains that flanked the entrance to the bay.  That meant I had to be flying at least  5000 ft.  I pressed(more)
Rose, who was our mom, came to our house one time during Christmas. I remember a car outside pulling up and there being a change in the room and the way that everyone acted. I remember having to say hello and then a time later...when I was outside and(more)
The sugar bowl at the dinner table
Is pure hypocrisy.
There is no sweetness there
And there never will be.
Only cold faces
Stuck in their stone-faced masks of disapproval. (more)
"You have to get an A in showmanship or graduation will not be possible Mr. Klask", Richard Nugget repeated for what seemed like the 50th time to me.

"Showmanship" he insisted, "Is the core to success!"
Adam’s  momma was still shopping at the getting place, as he sat on it's steps he  smelled apple pie cooling in the pig farmer’s window one house down. The boy couldn’t help himself and before he knew it, his ten year old feet was moving to steal it. While the farmer’s(more)
Gorlicans, it turned out, were slippery little bastards.

Really, Shiro reasoned, he shouldn't be surprised by this. The small, lizard-like species was especially common in the systems on the furthest edges of Galra territory where the Empire's grasp was the shakiest. Gorlicans sold their services to the highes(more)
This was the electoral version of a mass shooting.

You called us crybabies for challenging the nature of the election and its results. You claimed the opposition never whined like that eight years ago, when Obama was elected.

Of course there are mountains of evidence to contradi(more)
emptying your mind of the last eight months:

once filled with days filled with laughter, now holding nothing. i let our shared history spill out onto the sidewalk and freeze, ice over slick and opaque, so that maybe a passer-by would trip on it (and the certain somethings(more)
for a long while, i thought the prince edward viaduct had streams of water pouring out of the top and through the bottom on the north and south sidewalks. i tried to tell you about the streams but you were smoking out the window and spitting out the window(more)
The goddess of sand is one of moving. She rakes the earth gently with her fingers over a thousand years and mountains become piles of dust. She winds storms around her fingers and sets them off like spinning tops across the desert floor.
No stars shone, but a varicose moon swelled beneath an opalescent layer of fog, lending a faint, throbbing light to the land around.

Dunes breached from the earth like sea-beasts in an ocean of black sand. Row upon row, like serpents, thick-muscled, slow-winding in the soft yet steady(more)
Leaving You was painless.

I gathered what few belongings I had in a small briefcase, took one last look around our home, and stepped out the door. I never looked back. I never regretted. It was the smartest decision I ever made, I think, even if it wa(more)