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breaker of chains
As Gotou unlocked the door, he heard the unmistakable sound of a mad scramble coming from inside the apartment. He rolled his eyes and didn't rush heeling off his work shoes in the genkan and setting them beside Masayoshi's sneakers; there weren't exactly a lot of places for Masayoshi(more)
Shiro hesitated in the threshold of the cabin, a bag of ice under his arm. Lance lay mostly starfished out on the floor, one leg still hanging on the couch, arms thrown above his head. He lolled his head to assess the the threat, and seeing Shiro, let out(more)
Gotou leaned his shoulder against the door frame, watching the gentle rain of a mid-October evening. He could hear Masayoshi fussing, the rustle of papers jammed between rental DVDs louder than he realized, and smiled to himself.
Cornialia just wached as caleb her "friend" ran away back to the line to get his dorm number and schedule. she felt violated by those pigs. she hated them and she made a promise to kill them. she walked up the stairs feeling her throbing lips. she saw the(more)
We got in line to have our stuff searched I saw Caleb stuff his cell phone on
the side of his pocket. "If you want to keep that you better give
it to me" I said motioning for him to hand it over. He handed it
over an(more)
i just don't under stand why you don't want to go to a bording school."
Fuck off
Corniela thought to herself as
she packed under force of not being able to take her best friend
along. Her best friend was a voodoo doll named Kenis he was (more)
i walked a mountain side alone for three weeks straight. it was all i could take. my year of the self fell short to selfish insecurity.

the comfort of warm bath water and black reflective surfaces were enough to turn my back to the mountain. i crawled bac(more)
Poor man's dollar is spent before he earns it. Life a cascading array of what he should be doing, could be doing - a better life watched from afar, stranded in a dream-life where no one wants to be. Real life glittering past the window of a fast-moving train(more)
He got up off the couch when he heard keys in the lock.  

No-one else had keys to his apartment. He wasn't expecting anybody.    
Today is shit and this is already a fact at 2 am., 4 a.m, 5 - whenever the brain has a hiccup and wakes up, gasping for air the way it happens in sleep lately. Heart feeling too fat. Body breaking down, not that anything can be proven in(more)
There was something missing, though I couldn't say what. I was aware, when something needed to be done. But I couldn't make my body move until there was nothing left to do. Waif-like, I wondered through the house at all hours of the night, with no particular goal and(more)
Hidden in the movie were the smallest details that you could only glean time after time after time of watching the same scenes over and over again. It's not until you can mimic the scenes, breathe the performance that it all becomes apparent.
His girlfriend slept at last, her pale cheek on his rolled-up sweater. It was not raining. He kept his shell on, cuffs tugged around his hands for added protection against the chill. He wanted a coffee! And Timmie's was just 30 feet away. He couldn't leave her. She had(more)
In the news today, a woman testified in court. She spoke about her abuse at the hands of a man. It is the same news as yesterday, and the day before. It was heard a month, two, five months ago.

In the news tomorrow, people threaten her. Peopl(more)
"Unasseppable!" he says to his stuffed animals, the piercing octave of anger toddler voice trailing down the stairs into the kitchen. Shit. What have I taught him? Such a tender age to know disapproval but it's hard and fast enough in his tiny brain to pass on to his(more)