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fire balls
i. in the light of the day, time has no meaning to us two, desperately clinging to one another like the planets orbiting the sun, trying their hardest not to get flung off course.

ii. the hour hand chases the second hand. time goes by. we are caught(more)
The mediator sighed. "Gentlemen please, can't we settle this like respectable sorcerers?"  

Rutgar  slammed his fists against the table. "I say no! I demand satisfaction sir and I will have it."  

Caywe merely smiled placidly. "Name the time and place, oh voluminous one."(more)
Stay beside me
Wild-eyed, hauling in
Every precious breath
Like the air was honey
Watch the pretty white tiles
Stain with advancing red (more)
In this strange senseless darkness there is a small light.

Like a light under in a closed door's frame in a scary dark room, there it is for me.
"that time you drank too much and couldn't be there and my date had a thing and couldn't come either, that was shitty."

"you seemed okay. you didn't seem like you needed me so i thought it would be okay," she said, the same half full glass of(more)
The truck had hit him going 55 miles an hour and the driver behind the wheel's blood alcohol content was so high that he didn't even flinch as he hit Mathew Walburn, the loving father of three on his way back from picking up a box of NyQuil from(more)
He was laying there with his left arm over his head and the right arm over his chest. A flattened palm covering his heart. Body language is everything, he thought, as he recognized where his hand was resting. Cuddling the broken organ inside his chest.
In the darkness
We writhed
Like willow branches
In a storm
Twisting and feeling
And heaving and clutching (more)
Cancel your flights.
Cancel your plans.
Cancel your meetings.
Take a step back for once second from all of your various activities to revel in life. Even if just for a moment. Look at the person next to you. Look at the blond haired girl sitting across from you(more)
I sat up for the first time
in six months.
And I was aware
of the sunlight that struck my face
everyday at 12 o'clock sharp
for the first time. (more)
"Sharon," said the voice inside the box, "Cancel today."
"I... Beg your pardon sir?" Sharon said befuddled.
"Cancel everything for today, if you would, Sharon."
"Even th..."
"Yup." (more)
Canceled meetings
Open doors
Business ties
Tiled floors
Brought to
Life by (more)
How, after so much time, could all go astray? No respect and taking it to the grave. Unending spiral faith and words left in a current of flaking dreams and guised in robes of silk. I can still remember that day we first laid eyes. We talked and our(more)
please open the door
I would love you harder than
the smooth polished wood
"Kane's, hands down, no competition." Greg uttered resolutely, lips crusted in confectioner's glaze.