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Gotou's mouth was on his hand – he kissed slowly from Masayoshi's wrist to his palm. Masayoshi blushed scarlet as Gotou traced across the inside of his hand to his knuckles, kissing each slowly in turn. They were bruised and healing still, the skin rough but Gotou's lips were(more)
"You are useless at giving me signs", she wept
"And you are useless at understanding them", he sighed.
there are stupid things to say
stupid things
and allegory
but in your
heart soul lifeblood true self holy guardian angel (more)
"so, working here, you're not like, a coffee snob, are you?"  

aiden glanced back at the barista who just took over verbena's shift, who meticulously measured beans before putting them into the grinder.  

"no, that's just quinn," she said, a tinge of annoyance coming through with her(more)
how is it?
i always ask
it tastes old
can i try it?
it's cold
yeah (more)
"Hey babe. We going to the cafe today, right?" Rankin asks  Bass over the phone.  

"Yeah. Yeah. Totally." He says.  

"Cool. Meet you there at 5?" She asks to confirm.  

"Yeah. At 5."  

She puts the phone down and goes back to playing Tek(more)
Their sign said "Worlds Best Coffee." Sitting down at the counter I put my order in for this famous cuppa Joe. After a short wait the suspense is over, the champion arrives!

With pinky out its down the hatch.  That was the worse coffee ever! I need something to(more)
It seemed ordinary enough, mundane even. It had all the qualities that it should have: four sides, four corners. Yet, this square was different. This one was following him. Not just in a metaphorical way like how you see the word you just learnt everywhere afterwards. This square was(more)
"So, how did you get here?" the bearded man asks me.  

"Um... I woke up in the middle of the night because I had to pee. It was dark and I was still half-asleep when I entered the bathroom. A second before I turned the light on, I(more)
You go the kitchen table. You know it's a bad idea. There's a pile of empty dishes left over from last night, with traces of crumbs and stickiness. There's a swarm of flies descending upon it. Ick. Across from that unsightly mess, there's a pile of papers. One's a(more)
"Where did you leave them?"  John shouted from the top of the stairs.

"On the bedside table!"  Carol's pitch and tone said a lot more that the words.
Yesterday I woke up early to work out, but ended up just stretching because I had a headache. The night before, my boyfriend and I stayed up late drinking and playing music together and talked about the future. He'd been unsure about moving to LA recently, but felt inspired(more)
yesterday I wrote this poem:

lucky I live
in a place that goes cold
so wind can turn crisp
and leaves can turn gold
[unfinished because i am about to fall asleep]

It was near impossible to think about- just how much had his life changed over such a short period of time? Just one day ago the most Enuma had had to worry about was the old lady who was always(more)
There you are, like quicksand. Hands standing behind backs and lips immersed in something strange. The words leak out and I am in love and if no one hears nothing else I want you all to know that I am lost but searching.