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"Storm a-comin', I reckon."

"What makes you say that?"

"Grey clouds over yonder."
You know, whatever you want to do, I'm happy with.  I'm happy, whatever... I mean, just do what you want.  I'm tired.
        I don't understand what's been going on lately.  You seem edgy, or maybe it's me, I don't know.  So just.... Give (more)
Do-you, baby.

Do-you-know where to go?

Can you make happy happen?
Sakaeguchi stared down at his hands, red-faced and stuttering as he squeezed the flowers in his hands. "I-I was just...You're..." He couldn't even /look/ at Suyama. He was so scared, it practically hurt to even swallow.
"Are these for me?" Suyama finally asked, breaking the silence. No matter ho(more)
The ship shuddered violently as the shields dropped down to 6 percent. They'd be boarded soon, and Jim knew the corsairs would show no mercy. The fact that they have survived this long was surprising, this was a pleasure ship, not a war galley.
"I'm telling you, it's gonna be worth it." She said as she dragged him along the pavement of the strip mall. "You'll see it and you'll thank me."

He wasn't quite sure about that but he didn't have any reasons to disagree either so he just kept his(more)
Signs of negligence. Garments in a liquifluid medium.

"You're the one he cares about, not me."

Water's wet. (more)
Seek failure.

To follow the path which leads to the one, you must be willing to be led by the one.

When you stray, you must be willing to return, to relinquish commitment to false leads, to divorce ideas from identity.

Accomplishing this requires you to(more)
things you can do:

1. jump out of a plane without a parachute
2. watch the last airbender
When the framework becomes divorced from the matter supporting its structure,

ideas can survive,

divorced from reality. (more)
One can live, I've been told by the designers of the ship, for up to six hours within the hull of the submerged vessel before the air runs out.   I sincerely hope I never have to test the truthfulness of this claim.  
The attempt to cross the bay wil(more)
One can live, Handa thinks, so long as they are ready to suffer.
His spine hurts, and he wonders how long it’ll be until Hiroshi shows up to pick Naru off of him and set her on her way home. She’s fast asleep on his back, exhausted with her(more)
One can live
In many ways
Though the difference
Lies within their eyes
That can shine
Or fill with tears.
Ghosts that wander
Feet that roam
Screaming follows
Open doors close
Everything it turns
To dust (more)
when faced with the inevitable, remember that everything ends. one way or another.