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risk averse
    He saw Evelyn in passing, a ghost in the distance, his love and his biggest regret.
    They used to sit on the tailgate of his pickup truck in front of the abandoned coal mine, drinking cheap beer and talking about all the places they would rather be. Their town(more)
Gasping cadmium breath, arsenic eyes bloodshot and sunken staring balefully at the demanding look of greedy mindlessness congealed in lies stained with self delusion. A holy spirit so woefully defiled by ignorant fumbling could be forgiven but the wilful refusal to recognise truths gentle loving gaze lingering so patiently(more)
price for light: coal dust
some pneumoconiosis
amongst the miners
I hated the mine.  I hated my parents for living in the mining town and most of all I hated my father, who loved the mine.  From as long as I can remember he would be gone before dawn and return, a blackened ghoul in the evening.  He would stomp about the(more)
We’re all just stardust, boy, delicate as a new dawn, waiting for daylight to find us and make us glow.

But our skin’s too thick, boy, too thick to let the light through, and there’s a restless tragedy lurking below our hearts.

Your blood tastes like th(more)
he started slowly
i got my hopes up but he
had a strong finish
Jane sipped her drink anxiously.  The room was filling up and she could feel the sweat begin to prickle under her arms.  Her friends were already beginning to mingle and chat.  Sophie had her head thrown back, laughing at something that a tall black man was saying.  Ruth was also dee(more)
"It's all in the wavelength," she paraphrased, staring down at the book. "What our brain perceives as color depends completely on the condition of the phenomena that enters the eye." Her hand ran over the familiar spectral grid, pausing to scratch at a speck of mystery gunk that has(more)
garnet southwest sky
at sunset purple maroon
silent as night falls
al capone died of
a bad case of syphilis
for what that might mean
Will looks run over; caked in dirt and his eyes half lidded like a cup off stale coffee reheated and poured back into the pitcher.

He keeps falling asleep, drifting off in odd places with his gun propped against him and fingers black with grease and oil limply(more)
for this he said she
said argument they also
had it all on tape
He said: Get up.

She said: No.

He said: Come on, now. It's morning.
I open my mouth and from it I can feel long thin legs reach out and place themselves in a ring around my lips, as if to pull out what they come from from my throat. I can see them, blurred but long and white, they are then, almost(more)
there is something strange
about that strange something that
sits there on all fives