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Empty cyber junk;
Bytes of flotsam, debris, and
unread words -- Like these.
meant there was no favorite
in his family.
I tried to give love,
but it wasn't charity;
I wanted it back.
You are an eclipse;
A heavenly body that
blots out my good sense.
Although actions speak,
Newton's Third Law tells us that
reactions speak too.
With nothing to say,
in response to your anger,
I just walk away.
Numbers go up on each marker I pass,
The sky grows darker, lights glare on the glass.
I glance over to the passenger seat;
Just a bag from when I last stopped to eat,
But in my mind, I can still see your smile.
Your love, I once felt;
Still bright -- but now as distant,
as Orion's belt.
Finding a lost train
is easy -- the secret is:
Just follow its tracks.
Who put this rusty
old pipe in our kindling pile?
This non-stick won't burn...
Divinity may
fill us with more than just  
egg whites and sugar.

Is evil really
Only to
I try to throw out
all the junk that's unneeded;
cramming it into
a large, bulging sack.

Then I discover, (more)
...a Dutch progressive rock band from the 1970's, with the instrumental hit "Hocus-Pocus."

...a Christian magazine.

...a geometric point used to define conic sections. (more)
Cowboy tears are rare;
except when a bull rider
doesn't wear his cup.